Iphone 4s phone book problems

For unknown reasons, it had started to play up, with messages, phone function and facetime failing to work at all, random reboots etc. Common iphone 5 problems and solutions cpr cell phone repair. Restoring as a new phone will delete contacts and other data, but may resolve the problem. Learn how to activate a new device, swap devices on an existing line, switch to verizon and bring your own phone byod, get a new sim card and more. Also new to the iphone 4s were an improved camera and processing speeds. Browse your contacts or enter a name in the search bar at the top of the screen. If youre having problems making or receiving calls on your iphone, problems sending or receiving sms text messages, or problems with wifi or your wireless carriers data network, the techniques here are short and sweet except for the last one, restore. Restoring the iphone 4s will erase everything on it, so make sure everything on the iphone 4s is stored elsewhere prior to restoring.

But as the comparison above shows, you shouldnt expect the iphone 4s to wow you. The device was named with an s for siri, the intelligent assistant that is now included in apples mobile devices. Here, we are going to list the most common iphone 4 problems and we are going to show you how to fix them. Some contacts not showing up but are still stored in iphone 4 ask. It seems iphone 4 users are complaining that their screens are freezing when trying to use the facebook app. Every new iphone launched in the market creates a huge buzz. Some batches of iphone 4s seem to have sim readers that have compatibility issues with certain sim cards here in the uk, specifically tmobile i have verified that o2uk and three uk sims work fine in an affected phone, and the battery drain stops.

The iphone 4s wont get anymore software updates which means iphone 4s owners are on their own when it comes to fixing problems plaguing the former flagship device. Siri, the phone s central selling point, went quiet for some users. If you have this smartphone, and if you have any issues with it, this article is for you. But, when im put my phone down, 3g still says im using it and charging me. Common iphone 4s problems and their solutions iphone 4s wifi issues on every smartphone, including iphone 4s, wifi issues unable to connect to a wifi network, connection is too slow, connection keeps dropping, etc. Customers are secured with the advantages of apple care for one circular year, but still to save your problems and make your desire your sole satisfaction, here are some solutions of the problems that. To do so, connect your iphone or ipod touch to your. While sound can be caused by several issues, symptoms like this are typically fixable with a pretty simple diy repair. Thats why wifi issues are among the most annoying ones.

It was announced on october 4, 2011 at apples cupertino campus, and was the final apple product announced in the lifetime of former apple ceo and. Charging your device will provide enough power for the phone to function normally. This article lists some of the most common problems and the possible solutions for them. We offer several doityourself guides allowing you to. Find devicespecific support and online tools for your apple iphone 4s.

Our guides will walk you stepbystep through repairing some of the most common iphone 5 problems. For better or for worse, sometimes the cause of iphone address book sudden disappearance. In ios, you can view and manage your subscriptions and free trials right in the settings app on your iphone. Yealink one talk sm t46sw ip desk phone medium wifi yealink one talk sm t46s ip desk phone. Apples new innovation packed in a smaller device is iphone 4s. Take stunning photos and videos on your iphone with the redesigned camera app. Then just wait for the phone to boot into your lock screen. These are the steps he took to troubleshoot the problem.

The iphone 4s is apples fifth generation touchscreenbased smartphone. The reason why it seems to be a bit complex thing is that the problem could be due to both the hardware damage and random software glitch. It is the fifth generation of the iphone, succeeding the iphone 4 and preceding the iphone 5. If you cant make or receive calls on your iphone apple support. These disgruntled appleites have taken to the official apple discussion forums to complain of an unidentified, intermittent bug in the new iphone that they say silences all audio on outgoing phone. T3 rounds up the problems users have experienced with apples latest handsetthe iphone 4s has been marred with. One of the things we love the most about smartphones is the fact that we can connect to the internet, download apps, surf the web, and so on. Click restore on the iphone 4s summary page click on your iphone icon on the left menu to find this page. I tried the first iphone years ago, the pos lasted 2 weeks before touch screen failed. Issues could range from system sounds working but your iphone not actually ringing or system sounds not working unless plugged into the headphone jack. From phone numbers and mailing addresses to email addresses and instant messaging screen names, theres a lot of information to manage.

The common assumption was this would be the iphone 8, but it may just turn out to be the iphone 7 instead. Apples problem with iphones operating as phones also extends to the iphone x. You can solve it by your own with the help of technobezz. No, its not the chorus of the latest coldplay song, but the cries of a growing chorus of frustrated iphone 4s owners. Google reportedly disappointed with pixel 4, major staff members quit team. Covers ios 9 on iphone 6s6s plus, 66plus, 5s5c, 5, and 4s.

If your iphone 5 is suffering from a shattered screen or a malfunctioning battery, use the following guides by cpr cell phone repair. There are a myriad of things that can go wrong, and there are also a myriad of ways things can be fixed. Mobile iphone repair portland can quickly repair your screen to look like new using aaa grade replacement parts. Had a similar problem after doing a restore on my iphone 4. Read on as we try to set the issue straight, or just choose one of the sections below. The sound or volume related problems with iphone 7 plus usually happens after an update. Importing your mobile address book and syncing your phone. Despite being hugely popular, the iphone 5 has a number of problems that have troubled users. From doing some research on the web, i have found that its a sim card issue. Common iphone 4s problems and solutions cpr cell phone. Other people pack the contacts app with tons of contact information. You might not be able to make or receive calls on your iphone if you have certain settings turned on, if your software isnt up to date, or if theres a problem with your network.

At first tried to clean it using cydia eraser, which continually crashed before completing. Chris breens iphone 4s was sucking down the battery charge like a boatful of tourists on an allyoucandrink mai tai cruise. Turn on dark mode to enhance the view on your screen, especially in lowlight environments. Most common iphone 5 problems and their solutions tech. The apple iphone 4s is a great phone but it hasnt been without its problems. To sync your iphone 4s with your computer, you use either the included dock connectortousb cable or connect wirelessly over wifi. If your apple iphone 4s is low on battery, it will attempt to extend the battery life by slowing performance down. On an iphone xs, iphone xs max, or iphone xr with a supported carrier, you can have two phone lines when you use a dual sim. How to sync your iphone 4s with your computer dummies. I have an iphone 4 my dad has an iphone4 and just recently my brother got an iphone 4s but his is on a different plan than ours. The inconvenient, timeconsuming restore technique entails erasing all your data and media and. Users of iphone 5 dont be scared if you are facing some issues with your new phone as there are some common iphone 5 problems which some users are facing. Troubleshooting a batterysucking iphone 4s macworld.

If you have wifi andor cellular connection problems with the new battery, try restoring the device using itunes. Turn an eligible device into credit towards a new one, or recycle it for free. On thursday, another set of iphone 4s woes developed. Instead, the iphone 4s will have some limits as to what youll be able. Several people have had to reinstall the app several times and the problem keeps happening over and over again. What users complain about the most by nick mokey july 20, 2010 selling over 1. And one of the most common problems that many of us have encountered is the iphone sound not working issue. Newer phone models will be able to gracefully handle almost anything you throw at them. When im out and about im usually updating my twitter and facebook account. While android is still king, ios is a very important platform and at some point you. Its video chatting facetime is fascinating and fun, the retina highresolution screen is a salve to squinters, its. The content of this book is applicable to this new phone. As with all smart phones, consumers still encounter problems that require expert help.

Sometimes you might have problems taking photos, other times, you might have problems with the photos you take, or even have problems finding your camera app in the first place. Some people use the iphone contacts address book for the bare minimumname and phone number. Here is how to fix the issue with the iphone 4s sms not showing. The most likely cause of audio output problems on iphone 4s is a bad audioout port commonly referred to as the headphone jack. Ever since then my dads phone has been receiving all our texts sent to other iphones he doesnt get it if its a regular message only the imessages. The iphone 4s retroactively stylized with a lowercase s as iphone 4s as of september 20 is a smartphone that was designed and marketed by apple inc. If your iphone 4s is suffering from damage, view the following cpr cell phone repair guides. Whether your iphone isnt charging, is draining too fast even when charged, or simply wont turn off or refuses to turn back on, the good news is. This online tool will help you identify and resolve problems with your apple iphone 4s. Home support apple apple iphone 4s troubleshooting troubleshooting assistant for apple iphone 4s. To transfer your contacts to the sim card from your android phone, youll first. How to troubleshoot iphone problems with calling or. Troubleshoot when your apple iphone 4s slows, freezes, or. Phone hardware has come a long way since the iphone 4s was introduced in 2011.

Some iphone 4 users had problems with dropped calls and the. Your iphone 5 will look and work as good as new in no time. If you have determined that the problem does not lie in your external speakers, you should replace the headphone jack. However, if you want to sync wirelessly, youll still have to connect your iphone to your computer with a cable just this once. My iphone address book holds nearly 800 contacts including defunct numbers. We have all faced some weird issues on the iphone at some point or the other. To edit the details for an existing contact in your iphone address book. In the questions that follow users of iphone 4s ask typical questions relating to problems which experts respond to.

Eventually it seemed to complete its task, but left the phone in an uncertain. It means you cant rely on your iphone working for you when you need it. Common iphone 4 issues and how to fix them technobezz. Common iphone 4s issues and how to fix them technobezz.

If an application or background process requires higher performance, it may make the phone appear freeze or slowdown. The iphone 4s has a new antenna design, which apple says will improve call quality. Why does my iphone still charge for internet even when im not using internet. Dont let a cracked screen or battery damage prevent you from taking advantage of the fantastic features on your iphone 4s. Go to your phone s settings accessibility and turn on the option of phone noise. Common camera problems on iphone and how to fix them. Several easy ways to transfer contacts from android to iphone. Apple released several awesome smartphones after iphone 4, but many people are still faithful iphone 4 users. The question really isnt whether the iphone 4 is a cool, new phone it is. If youve got an iphone 4 or iphone 4s thats having some issues with sound, you probably arent alone. Theres no need to upgrade to a more expensive phone and a long term contract when you have our expertise on hand to remedy all your iphone problems you thought couldnt be repaired.

To restore, connect your iphone 4s to a computer with itunes installed. If your iphone reboots constantly after the replacement, you need to do a hard reset by holding down the home and sleepbutton for about 10 seconds until the device restarts. So, i recently got a pay monthly plan with my new iphone 4s. Transfer your content and settings to your new device using quick start.

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