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The best private server for mu online in the internet. Mu online private servers gaming top 100 list gamestop100. Mu online season 15 new character slayer at global mu online project, 2 worlds for each taste. Pets bienvenidos a guia mu online season 15 episodio 3. Season 8 new accessory season 8 mu roomy season 8 ui change season 8 3 new exp formula season 8 3 muun system.

We celebrate it to remember the birth of jesus christ. To play you must download new patch here and exctract over old client. Release compiled igcn season 9 server files ragezone. This longawaited update includes the new card game mu roomy, new accessories, and other exciting new features that will take gameplay to the next level for fans of the classic fantasy rpg.

Medium experience server with fun drop style and easy loot. This means even after you come back after a few years, your characters and items will still be here and ready for action. High experience server for fast and easy levelling and item hunting, there is boss or event spawn every 30minutes. World mu online a new project season 3 based on season 6, which has already won the hearts of players around the world. Scroll of ice storm, scroll of electric spark, scroll of inferno, scroll of teleport ally, scroll of critical damage, scroll of cometfall, scroll of soul barrier, scroll of aqua beam, scroll of fireburst, magic pin scroll, obsidian scroll, shining peak scroll, breche scroll.

Disassembling any item will create elemental powder x1. Swamp of darkness mu online medieval fantasy mmorpg. Exp x9999 drop x80 all maps working all events working all new item sets long term server experienced developers ingame cashop market system regular ingame events from gm every week events on forum,facebook real cash reward events referr. System properties advanced tab settings button data execution prevention tab. Grudgemu season 6 ultimate is a game server with new features. Sword staff bow axe scepter spear mace shield excellent items ancient set items set items wings mysterious stone jewels others in game features maps quests npcs monsters. Global mu online is a mmorpg that takes the player, into a fantasy world full of excitement, adventure and monsters. View profile view forum posts gift subscription registered. Grand master top itemsbuild muonline webzen season 11 part 2. Reset rewards, as well as nice loot from events ingame. Our best known titles, mu online and soul of the ultimate nation, are being played by millions of users around the globe. To give back to you, our loyal players, mu online philippines proudly announces that we will have a december castle siege event 2019. Wampire muonline private server with igcn premium plus files.

Scroll of ice storm, scroll of electric spark, scroll of inferno, scroll of teleport ally, scroll of critical damage, scroll of cometfall, scroll of soul barrier, scroll of aqua beam, scroll of fireburst, magic pin scroll, obsidian scroll. Dragon mu online have been upgaraded to season 14 episode 1. Bless king x100 start february 2500 online largest and most popular private server with latest bless universe unique server files. Webzen is a leader in developing and publishing massively multiplayer online games. Igcn muemu please, no idiot questions yes dont need key dev version we will work together to adjust and correct wh. Make sure to set your dep data execution prevention for windows essential and services only. Medium experience server with fun drop style and easy.

Grudgemu season 6 ultimate download mu game server with new. Fixed not visible set options on selected ancient items. Open inventory or press i button, and open personal store menu, add your items and set price to them. Read more published by administrator, december 28, 2019. Configuring season 1 server files open file cs data serverlist. Grand master topitemsbuild muonline webzen season 11. Most basic skills can be learned by using various skill items, while other miscellaneous skills require specific equipped items to use it. Infinitymu season 3, the biggest mu online private server, online for about 10 years and more to come. Set ancient bienvenidos a guia mu online season 15. Mu online mu private servers, free servers, guides, season. Agartha season 12 ep2 full client installer package may 3, 2020 download installer package from mediafire mirror. Details welcome to zyrtecmu season 12 ep1 exp x9999, item drop 50, max master lvl 420, max stats 65k, item shop. With several ways to train a character, multiple character classes, and a vast.

Enabled drop of excellent ancient items in vulcanus and lot. Dragon mu online private server season 15 episode 1 experience x500 x x999 servers. December 8, 2019 december 15, 2019 december 22, 2019. Blood angel sets by must, october 18, 2018 0 replies. Ive made a video 8 years ago, but this is the newer version. Socket system bienvenidos a guia mu online season 15. On upgrade all accounts, characters items are saved.

All items from the personal store are sold for wcoins. O items on land of trials voting system reward ranking. Season 8 custom files anime, tier set, custom wing, weapon style no lag good fps join group to download the patch. Mornings from 8 9 and evening 2021 server time, each day. Mu online help for players and server administrators.

Season 15 opens friday 24jan 99999x super easy hyperwar ultra x30 grand opening 22. Infinitymu is your place to be since 2008 and no wipes ever. Season 3 9999x classic balanced big spots events easy grand. Auto pick up bless, soul, all jewel, excellent and ancient items. You can easily manage what need to be turned on or off, fog mode, item smoke effects, fps. When this code is set the characters and items will be locked for deleting and trading, this way we can avoid pilots stealing owners items or. Most ancient set items are armor items, but some sets do include a weapon, shield, or an accessory item. Mu editor season 8 mu maker is with all s8 items running. To play on new season download new client from download section, old s can be deleted. Winning mu online events like bc, ds, and other events gives 2050 gp reward. Custom items system add own items up to 512 per group.

All registered trademarks belong to their respective owners. Season 8 season 8 new accessory season 8 mu roomy season 8 ui change season 8 3 new exp formula season 8 3 muun system season 8 new pentagram season 8 chaos castle survival of the fittest season 8 transformation ring season 8 protector of archeron season 8 sns season 8 matching season 8 jewel of pandora season 8. Disassemble items the disassemble feature is the only way to create elemental capsule. Asgardmu project season 15 experience x5000 will be opening at 10. Toolkit premium is advanced tool of wide range of powerful possibilities to maintain the server in all the meaning of the word. Locked account will be blocked to do tasks such as delete character, trade item, sell item. Season 4, season5, season 6, etc swords 0 0 0 255 0 0 0 0 kris 0 1 0 255 0 0 0 0 short sword 0 2 0 255 0 0 0 0 rapier 0 3 0 255 0 0 0 0 katache 0 4 0 255 0 0 0 0 scimitar 0 5 0 255 0 0 0 0 blade 0 6 0 255 0 0 0 0 gladius 0 7 0 255 0 0 0 0 falchion 0 8 0 255 0 0 0 0. Farmable anime,tier set items and killer weapon fast on xshop. Awakening soul armor mu online medieval fantasy mmorpg. This is a familiar world with old school chronicles, 5 classes and castle capture, but the game has a number of features.

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