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Module 2 ospf configuration for training lab network. This lesson explains how to configure ospf multiarea using cisco ios routers. Hi everyone, i have created this lab a while ago and i wanted to share with you, i hope you find it useful. If not then to summarize it all up for you in a pretty little nut shell.

Configure ospf on all routers, achieve full connectivity. Challenge ospf configuration lab instructor version is about networking and communications. Lab setup for eigrp, ospf, path control the above diagram will be used for studying all eigrp, ospf and path control concepts in the ccnp route 642902 curriculum. For a dual stack router you need to run both ospfv2 and v3 at the same time. In lab environment we need not to worry about this. Overview in lab 6 we discussed rip, which is the canonical example of a routing protocol built on. Configure ospf on all routers as per the diagram above. Place each interface on your router into the area specified by the diagram. How to configure ospf in gns3 ospf routing configuration. This configuration on huawei vrp can be done from interface configuration mode.

Scenario international travel agency ita maintains a complex ospf environment. These routes should not increment their metric as they pass through the network and should have an initial ospf cost of 200. After ospf is enabled, tune the update timers and configure authentication. The lab is ready for routing, download and configures ospf routing with the following step by step guide. Advanced ospf lab configuring ospf routing advanced lab basic objectives. Use the download button below or simple online reader.

Mar 06, 2017 ospf configuration lab video 10 out of 12. Nov 23, 2014 cisco ccna exploration routing protocols and concepts lab 11. Sets a system name and is displayed within the system prompt interface. How to configure basic ospf by brandon carroll in networking on july 26, 2017, 12. Ospf nssa not so stubby area ospf md5 authentication rotating key.

In the first line, bgp configuration begins with a familiar type of command. In my introduction on ospf i explained why we sometimes use multiple areas for ospf and in our configuration example, i showed you how to configure ospf for a single area. The ip addresses of two connected interfaces are in the form of xy. This lab will discuss and demonstrate the configuration and verification of. I can put together a basic mpls configuration now from memory which is definitely a step up from where i was. This lab was something i worked on last week and for some reason it stuck in my head very well. Above we have r1 and r2 in area 0, the backbone area. Oct 26, 2015 512 lab configuring ospfv2 on a multiaccess network ilm. Challenge ospf configuration lab download doc file. Ospf is an interior gateway protocol igp developed by the ospf working group of the internet engineering task force ietf. In below network topology diagram you can see there are two area area 0 and area 1.

Configure routers with a class c ip addressing scheme. The configuration is very simple with only two lines on r1. Dec 02, 2011 startupconfig of each router used in this lab can be downloaded here. Before configuring ospf globally, configure routere with an ospf priority of 0 and routerd with a priority of 10 to complete item 4 and 5 in the list. Use the show ip route command on the r1 router to view the ospf cost to reach the 10. This is a basic labs regarding ospf single area configure related to ccna or icnd12 exam. While working on my ccnp route i came across a very interesting lab which involved almost all the basic and advanced configuration of ospf. When configuring multiarea ospf, it is imperative to remember that all areas must be connected to the ospf backbone area, which is area 0. There is a certain dependency between the labs as the exercises progress. Configure and cable the serial and ethernet interfaces as indicated in.

Ospf is an open standard protocol, you learn more why we use ospf and ospf quiz from here. Configure ospf to run on all interfaces in area 0 using process id 25. This time, well take a look how you can configure multi area ospf. How to configure multi area ospf lab in cisco packet. This tutorial explains how to configure ospf routing protocol step by step with. The following sequence of commands gives the proper syntax. Ospf configuration in packet tracer lab with pdf networking. The initial configuration above only assigns ip addresses to interfaces and turn on ospf on r1 to r7 and eigrp on r8. Configure the network statement for the lan network. Erase startup config erases the s tartup configuration from nvr am exit exits current configuration mode hostname. This command is executed in router configuration mode of rip, eigrp or ospf to configure the routing process to redistribute routes from a different source into the configured routing process such as static into rip or rip into ospf. Configuring basic ospf routing lab continued ospf objectives.

Make sure you can ping any ip address from all routers. Router a should see routes for and be able to ping the loopback interface on router c and vice versa. The router ospf processid command is the beginning of any cisco ios ospf configuration. The ospf process id is kept locally and has no meaning to other routers on. Backgroundpreparation cable a network similar to the one shown in. Cable a network according to the topology diagram erase the startup configuration and reload a router to the default state perform basic configuration tasks on a router configure and activate interfaces configure ospf.

Well look at router 9 as our example to complete this. Now you have to configure ospf such that devices in area 0 can easily communicate with devices in area 1 step 1. Lab 102 configuring mutual ospf and rip redistribution, then you should have a basic understanding of mutual route redistribution. This module describes how to configure open shortest path first ospf. Ospf single area configuration video by sikandar shaik. Ospf employs a hierarchical network design using areas.

Open shortest path first a routing protocol based on the linkstate algorithm objective the objective of this lab is to configure and analyze the performance of the open shortest path first ospf routing protocol. Chapter 4 lab 42, redistribution between eigrp and ospf. I will show you how to configure bgp routing protocols on cisco router using three router. Enters the interface configuration mode interface vlan 1 enters the interface configuration svi for vlan 1 and allows. In this lab, you will configure the network topology with ospfv3 routing, assign router ids, configure passive. Oct 11, 2017 the objective of this lab exercise is for you to learn and understand how to enable ospf using more than one area. Use the router ospf command in global configuration mode to enable ospf on r1. In the video solution, to make r3 the dr on the 34 link, you increased the priority on r4s interface to 200. How to configure multi area ospf lab in cisco packet tracer. Basic ospf configuration lab notice that unlike ripv2 and eigrp, ospf does not automatically summarize at major network boundaries.

Configuring these before adding networks in ospf will ensure that drbdr is influence at the first go without having to restart ospf process later. Participants will require to configure ospf related configuration on this module for both ipv6 and ipv4 protocol. This is a bgp configuration example lab showing bgp configuration using cisco packet tracer. This ospf lab is created in packet tracer and you will learn the ospf single area configuration from this lab. The ospf also has a good amount of weightage on the certification exam. Ospf open shortest path first ospf is a standardized linkstate routing protocol, designed to scale efficiently to support larger networks. In following figure there are the three routers with. It contains complete configuration lab exercises and solutions to help you pass the cisco ccna routing and. The next command defines the ip address of the neighbor. Ospf will form neighbor relationships with adjacent routers in the same area. A number of different cisco ios ospf configuration commands are available, but at its most basic, ospf configuration uses three commands. Ccna lab manual router infotech, confidential document only for internal circulation page 3 procedure. Configure and cable the serial and ethernet interfaces as indicated in the above diagram.

Place loopback interfaces in whatever area makes the most sense. In the next lab youll learn how to configure the ospf interface priority to ensure that r1 always becomes the dr and r2, r4 and r5 do not become the dr or bdr. This command is executed in ospf router configuration mode to specifiy which networks paticipate in the ospf routing protocol and in which area they belong to. The ospf network command uses a combination of networkaddress and wildcardmask. Configure ip addresses between the routers using the following 192. Hi this mohd salmans tutorial video about ospf routing protocolcisco ospf protocol. Module 2 ospf configuration for training lab network apnic. This configuration will activate a separate ospf process on your huawei router if you already have ospfv2 running. In a future module, the lab will configuration the router to send the log messages to a syslog server. Chapter 4 lab 42, redistribution between eigrp and ospf topology. Ospf basic configuration ospf basic configuration pearson. Cisco ospf practical labs 2020 basic to advanced 4. Configure and verify open shortest path first ospf routing.

Network diagram objectives configure ospf for the above network diagram. Basic ospf configuration lab learning objectives upon completion of this lab, you will be able to. The objective of this lab exercise is for you to learn and understand how to enable ospf using more than one area. This topology includes multiarea ospf with area 0 as the hq backbone for the enterprise network and other ospf areas or ripeigrp domains acting like remote branches. How to configure ospf routing protocol using cisco packet. Ospf with three routers the physical topology is as shown in fig 18. Open shortest path first ospf is a linkstate routing protocol for ip networks. Ospf configuration step by step guide computernetworkingnotes. The ospf lab included stub areas, summarization, virtuallinks, authentication etc. In the router r1 configure osfp routing with router ospf command. Then configure the ospf process and enable ospf on the appropriate interfaces.

Configuration examples forloadbalancing inospfv3 example. This would actually make r4 win the election, since the router with the highest ospf priority on a segment will become the dr for that segment. Ece u629 internetworking design lab, northeastern university routing lab version 1. Change ospf so r3 becomes the designated router on the 192. How to configure opsf in gns3 open shortest path first protocol. Once you are in the router ospf configuration submode, configure the lan network 172. Cisco ccna exploration routing protocols and concepts lab 11. The task is to optimize ospf routing, which creates the need to design and configure multiarea ospf. In lab environment we need not to worry about this value. In the lab, you will configure a multiarea ospfv2 network with interarea summary routes. Configure ospf md5 authentication at the interface level with an authentication key of cisco123.

R1 will act as an asbr by redistributing a series of static routes into theospf network. Ospf adheres to the following link state characteristics. This command is executed in privileged mode and displays a list of neighbor relationships. Jun 11, 2019 this ospf lab is created in packet tracer and you will learn the ospf single area configuration from this lab. Ospfv2 is defined for ipv4 networks, and ospfv3 is defined for ipv6 networks. In this lab we will learn to configure multi area ospf using cisco packet tracer.

Cisco ospf practical labs 2020 basic to advanced udemy. First, configure loopback interfaces to provide stable ospf router ids. Learn ospf configuration commands, ospf show commands, ospf network configuration process id, network id, wild card mask and area number and ospf routing in detail. Configuring these before adding networks in ospf will ensure that dr. Lab configuring multiarea ospfv2 topology addressing table. Ospf was designed expressly for ip networks and it supports ip subnetting and tagging of externally derived routing information. This tutorial explains how to configure ospf routing protocol step by step with practical example in packet tracer. After ospf is enabled, tune the update timers and configure. Enable the eigrp protocol on both routers so that hosts on the both routers can. Thanks very much for taking the time to download this free ebook. This lab has been based on jeremy cioaras implementing basic ospf video over at further references used are. The file extension pdf and ranks to the documents category. Configuring multiarea ospf objective in this lab configure a multiarea ospf operation, interarea summarization, external route summarization, and default routing.

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